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Onething we wives and mommies want is to make our home our husbands and kids would love coming home to.. Aside from making good food always available whenever their tummies growl, we want them to consider every spot of the house their favorite. I don’t know with you but scents take me to a different world.  Whenever Chris comes home, seeing him park his car thru the CCTV monitor, I spray my favorite scent so the room smells fresh when he gets in.    To the point of me having my favorite perfume copied into linen and room sprays.

My go to scent lately has been Mia Maisons’ green tea in a diffuser. Cotton wood scent welcomes you into our living room and you will love to enjoy the ocean breeze fragrance in the powder room.  Truly elevating home experience.  These fragrances take you to different destinations even when you are just at home.

I am excited about the Sitting Bull I ordered from Boogi ( 3/f LRI Bldg).  I am pretty sure my kids will beat each other to it.  It can sit two adults and I think the three of them will fit.  Just like the Plop which was a gift to me and I never had the chance to use because Ryle claimed ownership at once upon receipt.

I love making our home my kids and hubby love coming home to.  I’m blessed that my kids also love staying home while all other their age look forward to stepping out and being with friends.  The best thing about home though is the love that is always in the air, the arms that welcome you home, the lips that tell you I missed you while you were away, the endless convos whether silly or serious, words of affirmation.. whether you are having a great day or not, the love of a family will always be there…

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  1. CJ says:

    This post is so lovely! It’s true that it’s good to know that you have a home to go to whenever you fell like it… that there are people who will welcome you warmly and with love when you enter ‘home’. 🙂

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