Why Landers is SUPER

Grocery shopping is one of the mommy duties I love the most (well, there is no mommy duty that i don’t love anyway).  For my kids, it’s like going to a kiddie playground.  However, I am very picky as to where I do it because I get dizzy in very very big stores.  There are also big stores where some of my essentials are not being offered.  Today I got to check out LANDERS SUPERSTORE store on their dry run.  You won’t miss it on Balintawak, It’s a huge! Coming in, there is a Caltex gas station where they offer price 2.00 cheaper than others.  That alone is already a good treat to clients.

What makes LANDERS SUPERSTORE super?  Aside from their own gas station with a cheaper price., everything you need is there!  You won’t have to jump from one store to another to buy what you need. From appliances, to furniture, to workout equipment, clothes, everything your home needs, vegetables, fruits, meat :fresh and frozen, freshly baked cookies and bread, bread for people with diabetes, all kinds of food, with a wide array of products, even the drinks we can only find in Subic are already just a 30 minute drive from our home.  My kids are so happy.  Another thing we cannot not do when in landers is EAT at Landers Central where the food is oh so yummy.  Yes they have whole wheat pizza, roasted chicken and the fried chicken has become Eia’s favorite.

Let the photos speak.. image image  image image image image image image

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