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Hosting a party at home can be so much fun.  It is also a way of showing a loved one that he or she is important. Aside from not spending too much (well, it’s relative), you can  wake up your creative bone and make the party more meaningful because of your personal touch.

I have attended several  eventstyling and floral design classes of BADANG RUEDA.  I find conceptualizing a bit of a challenge and oftentimes I struggle thinking of ways on how I can be extra creative in coming up with a theme more so in the usage of elements.

Okay, since I have mentioned the THEME, that’s the first you have to decide on when planning a party.  Theme may be the celebrant’s favorite color or hobby or sport or interest.   You may actually google for pegs instead of making a moodboard.. Check what you have at home that you can use as decorations or table centerpiece that can relate to your theme.  DIY decors are also available on the internet. You just really have to be creative and think of how you can use a thing aside from it’s usual purpose like for example, a picture frame that can turn into a serving tray.  Non-floral decorations can make you save a lot too especially when the ones you need are available at home.  Example, yarns and threads for your Mom or Grandmom’s birthday or your son’s favorite toys or your sister’s favorite fruit.  You just have to make your creative mind work.

I was fortunate to have been invited to School of Styling’s Hosting a party or event at home workshop earlier.  I got the chance to work with a group for a short period of time.  Our task was to style the table and the wall..  Given only 20 minutes, we all decided to make it a dessert buffet, theme, RUSTIC.  If I were made to decide, I would have made it a dinner table for six.  Given the elements and all the other beautiful things you can mix and match and put together to come up with a beautiful dinner set up,  the gorgeous set up Badang created for me on my birthday dinner was what came into my mind but I had to consider what the others wanted.  It is very important to know what consist a theme.  You have to know what flowers to use for different themes like I dont think a gerbera fits a rustic theme.  I think it’s more for Shabby Chic. I understand how pretty that flower is but instead of contributing beauty to the whole set up, it may actually ruin it.  I allowed my groupmates to set up the table and I thought of making a wall banner out of baby’s breath.

To add a more personal touch to the set up, you may actually handwrite the labels, but printing them is also nice.

If you have time, you may check the ones I made for my husband Chris and for Pauleen Luna’s bridal shower.  If you think styling a party is hard, it’s actually not.  You just have to put your heart and mind to it and enjoy every minute of it.  And you will give yourself a pat aside from the praises you will get from the people who will appreciate your labor of love 🙂

(thank you @twiloph for our matchy matchy outfits and @anyasabrinaph for our shoes )

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