Igniting Kid’s Passion






I have mentioned many times over Eia’s love for cooking and baking.  A mom came up to me to ask if I offer any workshop or class for kids in Cafe Lima, aside from painting and calligraphy.  I came up with the idea of Eia holding her own class.  I posted the workshop on my IG for quite some time and never really had anybody inquiring about it until 2 days before schedule, just when I decided to cancel the workshop and plan a family thing since it was a Saturday.

Unexpectedly, we had 10 students.  We had the generous support of GLAD and MAYA and I was so happy that the kids had so much fun, as well as the moms who bonded with them. Kuya Lo was there to assist Chef Eia too.

Eia taught her students how to make the easy cheesy Maya pancakes.  Eia’s favorite breakfast and merienda which she cooks most of the time for us.  Bite size pizzas, Our favorite choco chip cookies and Grilled egg and cheese sandwich.  The kids were given play money and Eco bags and ingredients of every recipe had to be bought from the mock up grocery.  Instilling discipline by following directions and teaching them Math as well while having fun and learning how to cook. That was what the Bake with Eia workshop was all about  and I must say my 4 year old did a really pretty good job in sharing her passion with her new friends.

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