Serving better FOOD to your children

heinz4Kat, also known as Trina Zuniga during her Click days (GMA                                                                                     youth oriented show)

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heinzMy baby love was tired from taping so I did not bring her to the workshop,                                                             instead, i made her this pasalubong 🙂


One of the greatest challenges of moms is how to make their children eat.  Kids tend to stick to their favorite Viand or snack and do not mind having the same food everyday.  However, our worry is how to make sure they get the proper nutrients also from the food they eat.  I attended  BENTO by KAT workshop hosted by Heinz and a few ways to excite your children with their food or baon was introduced.  Though it was not my first time to join a bento workshop, first was when I was also invited with Eia and we learned to make a cow and second was done in Cafe Lima where we were taught to make a monkey, I really had a fun time learning to make a new character.  Some moms were teasing me as I came prepared and all geared up 🙂 I brought some of Eia’s bento stuff like cutters etc.  Using the fruits and veggies as design too to add more colors to the food presentation and making it more appealing to the kids same way, serving better food.  Learning something new is always time well-spent.

For mommies who want to attend bento workshops, you may text 09189080810 for schedule in Cafe Lima.  What a fun way to bond with your kids at the same time learn new things!

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