IG friends often ask what I use for my eyebrows, cheeks, the shade and brand of lipstick I use etcetera etcetera.. So I decided to share with you guys all my favourite  make up stuff…I do not like my face feeling or looking heavy so I make sure the ones i put on my face will be perfect throughout the day, no need for retouch.

  1. Eyebrows 

Now that my eyebrows have been beautified by Pretty Looks, I only use Benefit gimmeBrow.. Before I used K-palette Lasting 2way Eyebrow or Mac brunette Eyebrow Duo, or Benefit Brow zings

2.   Cheeks

My all-time favourite tint is Benefit Posie Tint.  Though now I have a few other choices depending on my mood or where I am going.  Lately I have been using Kye for Shu Eumura in Hibiscus pink (packaging also too cute and appealing) when you want that dewey look.  Mac Sunny Surprise also a nice shade and Benefit Real Cheeky Party which I wear ONLY when I need to be fully made up.

4.  Face

I only use Mac NC 40 studio fix as my powder, no concealer for my everyday no make up look.  Sometimes i use Lightscapade mineral finish to achieve the fresh, dewey look which i love on “Pinang”, Erich”s character on Be My Lady.  For cleansing, I have a few choices: Mac Cleanse Off oil, Shu Eumura ultim8 sublime beauty cleansing oil, Kye for Shu Eumura POREfinist anti-shine cleansing oil or Shu Eumura Cleansing Balm

5. Lips

You may notice I rarely wear lipstick because Chris would not kiss me if I always had lipstick on.  So, I usually just use benefit Posie Tint but my favourite on my lips are the following:  Benefit Posie Tint lipstick, Mac Jubilee, Christian Louboutin has a natural shade of lipstick that I like, unfortunately I do not know the shade and it was just a gift from a sister from another mother.  Pili lip balm in cherry shade and other shades I also love as it is non-drying. 

Less is more especially now that it’s summertime, you just want that natural and fresh look.  That way too, you do not damage your skin.  Always make sure your face and neck are clean before you hit the sack.  A good moisturizer or night cream is a big help especially when you are in your 40’s when your skin gets drier. You may apply sunblock on your face but I suggest let it dry first before putting on your powder so your face does not feel hot.

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  1. Gwenda Bielby says:

    LOVE THIS! Absolutely perfect, and looks super easy! I’ve been wanting to redo my kitchen, but I’ve been intimidated by the amount of work it takes. Thanks for sharing this project for beginners like me. 🙂 Just ordered by BB Frosch chalk powder paint, and I can’t wait to get started!

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