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Mother’s day, as my kids get older, gets to a deeper level..  My boys surprised me 9at 12MN) with a bouquet of red roses, our favorite chips, a DVD of one of our go to Pinoy movies and a jar full of notes each.  From serenading me with the song they learned to melting my heart and giving me endless tears while reading their heartwarming love notes.  They moved their beds to our room and the night ended at about 3 am.. we watched one of our favorite Filipino movies.  The day did not go as planned since we all woke up late and we just decided to prepare a good lunch and rest until it was time for mass and dinner.  It is always the best day when we are complete.  Pao (Ryle) works everyday and only his Sundays are most of the time his day off.  Before it used to matter where we went, what we did…now, it’s as simple as long as we are complete. Chris that night reminded us of our priority, our family.  To make sure no matter how busy everyone gets, regardless of the kids’ age, that family will always be the priority.

The day prior however, I was so lucky to be chosen as one of the moms CELEBRITY MOM gave honor to.  Dressed in an Ivory dress by Patty Ang, wearing a pair of Anya Sabrina doll shoes, matching with my little girl, I got to meet new friends.  Brought Eia along with me so she can play with Solana who came along with her beautiful mom, the Editor-In-Chief of Celebrity Mom, my ate Maricel Pangilinan.  Unknown to us, the rest of the family were coming too to surprise every mom there.  Unfortunately Chris got confused and thought since I brought Eia along already, I would not need them there anymore since he did not know what was really going to happen.  Anyhow, I had a great time and appreciated so much for making me part of this wonderful celebration at Le Jardin (food was really great by the way, I ordered take out for my boys) and felt like a kid when they started giving out the gifts from their partners.  Happy that Eia was busy playing she did not see the make up otherwise she would have kept them now in her bedroom.

Every dad and kid were asked WHAT WOULD THE COUNTRY BE IF MOM WERE PRESIDENT.  I got to ask Chris and the boys since I got curious with their answers.  Still, I decided to share with you their funny answers though embarrassing for me (hahahaha)…

CHRIS:  The Philippines will be a totally chaotic country as I will allow everyone to be corrupt out of pity

PAOLO: 100% Crime rate, 0% inmate as I will justify everyone’s wrong doing by giving a good (and positive) reason why one has committed such act

LORENZ:  Everyone will be polite as I always say There is always a nice way to say things

I am confused if these are good or not hahahaha but then I found their answers funny.. After hearing their answers though, I again was reminded that it is not good to be good all the time. It’s good to be kind but as Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio said, there is wisdom in Proverbs..

I am blessed to be called MOM, I am blessed to be given this kind of a loving family.  A husband who is our pillar of strength,  someone who values family more than anything else, kids who are so loving and obedient.  I thank God everyday for my life.

And…angels at home who we consider family…special thanks to you for my favorite chocolate cake 🙂

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