Vday at SG

Our Flight to Manila from Hongkong was delayed for three hours. While waiting and watching my favorite Tagalog series, my hubby tells me we have a flight to catch at 10 in the morning. Arriving Manila at 4am, we immediately packed for Singapore and left the house at 630am so the driver can do errands after.

The Singapore trip was a surprise valentine’s day gift. We have not really celebrated the occassion in a grand way for a few years now as it is just few days apart from my birthday. So emphasis was almost always on my birthday. The last grand celebration was 2012 when he brought me to New York.

It was a short and sweet vacation at Ritz Carlton on Raffles Avenue, a 2 minute walk from Marina Bay Sands. First stop after settling was Pizzeria Mozza. Our family’s favorite. Excited to have my favorite Nancy’s chopped salad. We tried for the first time the Arancine alla Bolognese and prosciutto pizza.

image image image

Dinner was at Long Chim, still in Marina Bag Sands. Chris wanted to eat chinese food but we ended up trying this Thai resto.  The food was good. I ordered the not so spicy ones.image image image

Celebrating Valentine’s Day or any important occassion is mandatory. Doesn’t have to be extravagant but couples should always have “alone” time.. Your kids may miss you nor they may not understand but they feel secure knowing the parents have strong foundation.

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