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I often get invited to events but I rarely ever attend because one, I may be in showbiz but I am the shy type, never wanting to go alone and scared of feeling out of place.. two, I always want to look good so going to an event means spending for a nice dress  (so yes, we went to PATTY ANG a week before to order my dress and Eia’s Harrow top)and putting on make up.  I do not have a glam team like other actors.  I do my own mak e up and hair, sometimes, my Personal Assistant, now Eia’s nanny, Marilou, does my hair.

Lately, I have been getting invitations and since Eia is old enough (at 4) to appreciate and enjoy with me, I decided to bring her along in the MAC FLAMINGO PARK event. True enough, she had so much fun as if she was the one who got invited and I just tagged along with her.

The whole place was an eye candy, one big fun play park… a fantasy land full of beautiful things and people where the food was too cute to eat…and It was all about PINK!.. now, my favorite color of course influenced by you know who..One could imagine having it for a bedroom.  People were all friendly and it was nice to see some familiar faces.

Eia enjoyed having a make over..I got “inggit” and opted to sit down and have them fix my make up instead of eating and drinking…

After an hour or so, my little one got tired and so hungry we had to leave the event but she was delighted to see the loot bag they gave her (we all know it was for me 🙂 )

It was truly a fun experience for me and my little one.  Will definitely visit MAC store real soon to grab  SILLY ME, PLEASE ME, SUCH SWEETIE CREME SHEEN GLASS,  PEARL BLOSSOM BLUSH and the list goes on 🙂



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