My Birthday Trip

Since we opened Cafe Lima and Kuya Pao (RYLE) got busy with work, we found it hard to take even a short vacation out of town or out of the country. As much as possible we do not want to leave Kuya behind just cause he is already working.  Fortunately, SHOWTIME is kind enough to lend him to us for 5 days.  I must say, I valued this trip more maybe because of the thought the we borrowed Kuya’s time from work so we cann all travel again together.

When in Hongkong, our first stop is always the fast food across CitySuper in Harbour City. Our favorite was NAN JING but since they renovated they moved to another mall but there is now a chinese fast food that is almost similar so that’s where we always go to eat first thing after arriving in the hotel.

Since we are with the kids and they get hungry all the time, doing the grocery is a must in CitySuper.  Cup noodles, sliced bread, nutella, ham, cheese, orange juice and yes, chips!

Another must for us is the japanese restaurant GYU JIN in Isquare located in Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.  It’s an eat all you can shabu shabu in 60 minutes.

We also found a good Ramen place in the same mall,  please check the photos, name is written in japanese 🙂

We love Mortons too but last minute, we opted to eat some place else the night of my birthday.

Of course, we cannot not visit the happiest place on earth when with Eia.  Now that she is older, we loved how she appreciated everything she saw and did in Disneyland.  We had to stay until she said she had enough and okay to go back to the hotel.

Pizza Express, is another family’s favorite! So we visited the one in Ocean Terminal and at the airport on our way back home.  Wish someone can bring it to Manila. Lovely to see Filipino kababayans! Always friendly!

If you are a member of the TANFAM, prepare to walk endlessly when out of the country.  Glad Eia has adjusted to us easily.  No stroller, even during the last time we went there.  And the kuyas were always helpful.  Super love travelling with them, they’re not just our kids, they are our barkadas, soooo much fun to be with them.  Walking, doing a lot of crazy stuff, cracking jokes… what’s nice too is that they do not ask you directly to buy them stuff.. and are very appreciative.

Sharing with you some of our photos!  This trip was one of the best ones! Happy to have celebrated my birthday with the people who matter most, blessed to be on a vacation with them.



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  1. Anne Valerie Reyes says:

    Ang cute po ng family nyo tita. (Sorry po tita nilagay ko). I’m a fan of ryle, kasi po nakikita ko sa twitter nya na he’s kind and loving especially to eia and you po. Godbless po sa family nyo.

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