Golf themed party for the HUBBY


This year I decided that starting this year, we all shall celebrate our birthdays as our way of giving thanks to the Lord for another year of life.  I planned a surprise intimate dinner for Chris which later on did not turn out to be a surprise simply because it’s hard to surprise someone who is always with you 😍 Invited a few close friends and cooked for the hubby and the guests!  It was a golf themed party!


To the tower of our strength, our hero, our protector, our guiding light, our human seatbelt, shoulder to cry on, bestfriend, life navigator, the best critic, the number #1 fan, our blanket, life coach, doctor love, support system,our biggest blessing (i could go on and on) thank you for the love so selfless and unconditional. Thank you for being our family’s everything. You are the most important piece in our puzzle. Happy bday Mahal. May God always bless you with good health. We love you, most gentle Giant! I love you so much Hon! @chrisdtan


chris2 chris3 chris4 chris5 chris6


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