I am 41…


My mind is full of wisdom of 41 years of lessons about life..and yes! There is still so much more to learn.. Thankful for experiences, good and bad! You only benefit from them. As a mother, you know you love your children so much but you will really never realize the depth until you are put in a situation wherein your love for them will be measured and you get to do things you never even thought you can do… Test of your strength and tenacity at the same time acceptance and understanding.. You get to experience the different levels of your children’s heartaches in double dosage.. As a wife, you know you are blessed when you get the love, trust and respect.. despite your imperfection.. You are accepted and valued.. And most of all appreciated!..

As a daughter, you realize your shortcomings and all the heartaches you have given ur parents growing up (and thankful that your children are way better versions of you) and try your best to let them know you love them even just by communicating with them more often.. As a friend, you know you are loving but its better not to care too much most of the time. Doesnt mean you are a bad friend but they will come to you when they need you and that’s when you do your part. Know where the line is drawn. You still can care for friends who are not present in your life now and the best you can do is pray for them and wish them well. You do not need to remember them everyday. But they will always have a spot in your heart.

As a sibling, in my case, the eldest, show more concern and be more present.. Communication is always good and healthy!.. Be active in the group chat, making fun of each other.. Laughing together is a good way to bond with them… As a person, it’s never too late to learn anything new. Do not stop growing but in the process, do not forget the people that matter. Choose your battles. Letting go of an issue ( if it will be for the better) rather than dealing with it or fighting about it is a sign of maturity and not weakness…. It is better to just be silent than say something and be misinterpreted.. Be real like you have always been and appreciate real people.. It is good to think positive of other people but being doubtful also and not too trusting will often save you from something terrible that could happen.. Your intention to make other people happy is good but make sure it also makes you happy… Forgive and forget because it’s for your own peace of mind. It’s okay to not be with people you don’t like even if you have to…. Some people will try to destroy you and you cannot go around defending yourself to other people so it’s enough that God knows what’s in your heart.. You only have you conscience as your gauge and God as your judge! No one else!

Life is short, kids grow up fast, spend as much time with them especially when they want to be with you, soon they will have their own lives and so take advantage of the time that they are still under your control and Raise them in such a way that they will enjoy every moment and long to be with you as they grow up… Be a cool parent.. Your kids may be young and they may go through some things you will laugh at but hey, remember for them it’s something serious. Acknowledge the feeling!!!..

Life is short, work hard but enjoy hard as well! Continue creating beautiful memories with your best half! Always be interested… Be his cheerleader.. Always appreciate him and being married does not mean you cannot act like boyfriend and girlfriend.. Say I love you everytime u have the chance..

THANK YOU VERY MUCH EVERYONE who greeted me on my birthday. Thank you for blessing me with the gift of friendship! For those I may have neglected or offended in any way, I am sorry! I am not perfect.. To those who have wronged me, you have long been forgiven! Lord God, as Eia always says, You are watching!.. Thank you very much for this beautiful life that I do not deserve. To friends I call family, thank you! Thank you for always being there.. For everything… From the littlest thing!  

To my husband CHRIS, our kids, PAO, LO and EIA, You gave my life a different purpose and meaning! I love you so much… You are my Life! Honey, I am not the best wife but you love me and treat me like I am! Thank you for loving me and accepting my shortcomings. My babies, thank you for being the obedient (most of the time) kids that you are. You are the best gifts that God has ever given me and dad! My life is beyond beautiful because of the four of you!!!! I always pray for God to bless the love that binds our family.. To keep it always strong! I love you mga mahal ko, I wonder how many times I tell you guys in a day 😍

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