Mother’s Heart

I was not the best daughter growing up. Gave my mom so much problems. I did not understand why I did not listen. They never failed to give pieces of advise, share words of wisdom, somehow I just made my life complicated. I did not live my childhood to the fullest simply because I was stubborn.. You know you will never regret things you did ( to your parents) in the past until its your turn to feel it..

I am blessed with wonderful children. I must say none of them are as mischievous as I was growing up. Of course they are not perfect, there are times when they get into trouble for their mistakes. But we never fail to explain things and make them understand that the reason why they get reprimanded or punished is because they are loved and we want them to learn from their mistakes and hopefully refrain from doing it again.

Different age, different stage– but same amount of heartache for us mothers.. Whether its your youngest crying because you have to leave her for a short trip or your other child whose pet died or your oldest child who just got out of a relationship… Different causes, different pain, mothers feel twice as much! If you could only shield them from whatever will break their hearts!

But the greatest heartache for me is knowing that one day, I shall have to let them go.. Allow them to see the world on their own..with God but without me and their dad.. Makes me admire how my mom endure all the pain especially when it was time for me to spread my wings..

To my children, I will always be here for you! No matter what! I will always love you! If you need me, anytime of the day, whether or not we’re okay.. Mama will always be there for you, with dad!!!!

(Sharing with you the poem that lead me to blog tonight. How wonderful (at certain point also painful) it is to be a mother..)image

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