Styling Pauleen’s Bridal Shower

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Conceptualizing Pauleen’s bridal shower was a challenge.  Finding out her motiff made it one step easier to putting everything together.  So her favorite colors are blush pink and taupe.  I immediately checked out pegs in the internet.  There were times when I wanted to mix everything I saw making it a beautiful chaos (at least in my eyes) but the major challenge is sticking to the theme.

Blush pink made me decide to do luxe floral design.  So from there, I tried my best to make sure every detail fit my theme.  I started with the table cover.  Glad my ever-reliable sastre knows what I mean when I describe something. Sometimes when she could not find the exact element I like, it is always fine to tweak a plan. We can also do this if there is a budget being followed.

As for the flowers, @allinthebag_ph gave me some beautiful carnations.  I ordered 10 bundles of Alstroemeria ( as suggested by Badang) since the roses available then were only 10 bundles and there were no more carnation so I opted for Gerbera which for me was kinda off for my theme but then again i had to settle for them and just thought, as long as the flowers were pink, I was fine.

Chair covers.  There was this design I really wanted but time was of the essence and it was kind of difficult to find the exact design and fabric so we chose the one nearest to it.

Other tiny details. Instead of using a table napkin ring, I copied @insta_mug’s design, printed and used it as the holder.  Same thing with the Food labels and the name banner.  I inserted fresh blush pink roses on the holes of the name banner to make it look more feminine.  Everything was self-service so I used a white ceramic chafing dish and again to make the juice container fit the theme I placed fresh roses under the it.  I also chose a nice fabric and design for the table napkins.  One that can be used in other occasions, in other themes.

It was fun despite the challenge to make the place look pretty and all..I was happy to know everyone had so much fun and that every single thing was appreciated. I love doing this for people I love.  Would of course like to do it for people who would choose to celebrate any special day with us.

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