New Year…New or Better Me!



My husband Chris…I cannot describe how amazing this guy is.. Every single day of his life, he wakes up with this on his mind:  What can I do today to be productive?  What can I do today  improve myself… He tells this to my sons like a broken record.  And now, facing the new year, he reminded me how I should not limit myself and not to say NO, I can’t without even trying.  Lucky my bag client turned friend, Zetty offered her beautiful “HOLIDAY HOUSE” (Eia’s term) in Anvaya where we stayed for almost a week.  Her dirty kitchen reminded me of my Lola’s dirty kitchen back in Batangas.  I enjoyed cooking every single meal time and how I got more and more excited to cook for these people seeing them love and enjoy my cooking.  I don’t know if Eia was making me bola but she never failed to praise me and my cooking, despite the fact that she called my Salpicao adobo and had two servings… Pao asked me what happened to me. He said, “it wasn’t like this before”..Chris said I truly belong in the kitchen and that “bagay ka talagang maging housewife” which I said was the best thing I have ever heard.. and Lorenz, “Mom If I could only shout to the world, You’re the best mom in the whole world”.. I can say, ang sarap ng start ng 2016 ko..

This year, Chris promised to support me in everything I want to do…continue my painting workshops, my calligraphy classes and whatever I want to learn.. Honestly,  yes there are so many things I want to  continue doing and things I want to learn but I do not want to be away from my family for more than 3 hours.

I am so blessed I do not have a husband who is “alagain“.. I love serving him and he loves being taken care of but he also understands that I should be doing something else like working out (which we promise to do together again), go back to my badminton training, continue my love for painting and calligraphy. He believes I can be more and it’s never too late.  Yes Mommies, it’s never too late to learn something new.. so this year, ask yourselves, is there something you want to do? to improve? to stop doing? So apart from aiming to be a better mother and wife, I aim to really be good in Calligraphy so I could teach in the future and hold workshops in Cafe Lima… I hope to lose 5-10 pounds and maintain the weight and set a regular workout schedule and of course my time for my family will always be there as it is and has always been my priority: My Family!

So from my family to yours,  HAPPY NEW YEAR and may this year be a better one for all of us! Wishing everyone good health, blissful moments with your loved ones and more beautiful memories…

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  1. Nina says:

    Hi Ms. Shey, ever since I followed you on Instagram, you and your family really served as an inspiration. thank you for the encouragement to be a better person. hope to meet you one day. keep on writing! <3

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