Calligraphy…Never too late to learn something NEW!


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I remember my friend Via inviting me to a calligraphy workshop. I  begged off since I was not interested yet in it plus I was not into arts and crafts (never was until 40).  Months after I don’t remember how I got interested in it but probably saw posts on Instagram and decided one day to try it.  Yes, I may be an actress but believe me, I’m the shy type, well at least sa start 🙂 …. I cannot go to an event alone…but I finally had the courage and attended my first ever basic calligraphy workshop. Found it really interesting.  But to be good at it, requires practice at least 15 minutes a day.  I got busy and forgot about it for a while.  Two months after, it was during the time Cafe Lima was about to start operation, I decided to attend EventStyling classes and attend more calligraphy workshops so I can improve and eventually use this skill in Cafe Lima.. I wanted to be the one to do our wall but I was not confident then yet as I was just a newbie and have not even gone to a typography workshop.  I have gone to several workshops.  Invested on some stuff so I could practice at least a phrase or a word every night before going to bed.  Different teachers, different techniques, new tips.. even if the workshop is the same.  For moms or people who are always on the go, this is perfect if way to relax.  Very therapeutic.  If you just want to slow down for a while, Calligraphy is the way.  So addicting.

I have invited a few teachers for workshops in Cafe Lima and no one leaves unhappy after.  It gets so addicting you want to schedule the next sesh right away.  One nice thing also is that my friends became friends.. No one comes to the class alone and leaves without having a new friend..

Some asked, Does it follow when you have a bad handwriting you will not be good in Calligraphy.. it is totally different.  In fact, calligraphy will improve your handwriting.

It’s nice to see one’s improvement.  I kept all my practice and activity sheets from the past calligraphy workshops and happy to see my progress.  This February, I will fly to attend a workshop in Singapore.  I want to eventually teach.. I want to write beautifully.. I want to write on Cafe Lima’s blank wall all the other important things about life and relationship.

Really never too late to learn something new.  I just woke up one day to discover I have a creative bone that has woken up from a very long and deep sleep and is ready to face the world..

So yes, there will be more Calligraphy workshops in Cafe Lima and other workshops like Painting for adults and kids, cooking class, gift wrapping, photography (for mommy bloggers).. Tune in to @inkyfingersph on Instagram or my IG for schedules.  Hope to see you guys there…

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