Arts and Eats..

Cafe Lima is turning out to be an Arts and Eats place.. Because of my love for Calligraphy, it has become a venue for workshops.

I saw a good showbiz friend, Sheree Vidal after so many years and learned she has been painting for years.. I mentioned I have long been searching for an art teacher and she generously shared hers.

So immediately I scheduled a painting class with the teacher, one on one.  I planned for Eia to join but she was napping then and towards the last last hour she was able to join us and we were both happy with our first ever attempt to paint.

Friends expressed their liking to try and week after I scheduled a class in Cafe Lima.  It was fun and even my son Pao said “Mom I never thought you could paint”… I replied, “same here” hahahaha…

Days after, we had to do another calligraphy class to quench our thirst for practice.  Simutaneously, painting class for kids and not so young kids went on while Moms were doing calligraphy.  Both were productive. And it’s great to start them young.  I’m so proud of my Eia’s artwork.  She has developed the love for what she calls “crafty crafty” which may mean: calligraphy, painting, watercoloring…

Of course in the middle of the workshop, everyone got to taste my grilled egg and cheese sandwich and tuna pasta.. In other workshops I cooked my own version of Aglio Olio with still my favorite grilled egg and cheese sandwich…

For schedule of Painting and Calligraphy workshops and other workshops in the near future, please follow me on Instagram, @sherilynrtan and @inkyfingersph



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