Your Children’s Memories

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Finally the long overdue family photoshoot in Anvaya!  I grew up not having too many baby photos thus my love for documenting every single moment that for me is beautiful.

My schoolmate in High School, THE Denise Go-Ochoa despite her super busy schedule did not say NO to me and  her team went all the way with us to Anvaya to make sure we looked good in every shot.

NicePrint sent their team and we had so much fun! We were so comfortable with the team and we ended with a nice dinner in a loooong table.

We only had max of 3 hours before sun down and we finished having a nice dip in the water, all dressed up.

Everything turned out well.  The kids had so much fun especially Eia.  Chris and I were so happy how the day turned out to be.. it was not just a photoshoot at all, it was a day of bonding and soooo much laughter.  You know what they say, to be in your child’s memories, you have to be in their lives today.  and take photos! Lots of them! They may not appreciate now but they will thank you in the future…

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  1. Irene Felix says:

    Awwww…..lovely photos of your family.
    Now, I want to go home from work and pack our clothes to go somewhere to have this kind of photoshoot. I agree that photos should be kept and I want to thank my parents for taking lots of photos when we were kids 🙂 good memories!

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