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Let me make this short and sweet! When I had Ryle (Pao), I was 23 years old. I wanted to discover things on my own, yes, I welcomed some pieces of advise and tips but I was so eager to discover motherhood on my own. Ate Cel (Maricel Laxa), I actually forgot how we got to talk about this but I embraced her suggestion and followed it until I had my last born, Eia.

ON BECOMING BABYWISE book. I learned this book from her. Getting to know your baby and establishing a routine for him/her at a very early age is what the book is all about.

So my kids follow a specific bath time, feeding time, nap time etc. They did not also get used to being rocked (hele)… I remember INA RAYMUNDO telling me the book actually encouraged her to have more babies since It was not difficult to take care of them once you have learned to follow what the book says.

Long and short of it all is that during daytime, after feeding the baby, you should not allow him to sleep. Instead, play with him or let him stay awake for a few minutes before he naps. That way, he will know that the difference between daytime and nighttime is that, there is no PLAY time after feeding time at night.

Playtime should also be in his playpen or somewhere else but not in is crib cause the crib is for sleeping.

There is also a time for changing nappies.

You may think it is hard to establish his routine. Yes at first, but you will benefit from it once you both have adjusted to it. You will be able to schedule your mall time or “pasyal” based on his routine. And if he cries, you will definitely know why cause you know when it is time to sleep so he may probably be sleepy… or since you know when it is time to change nappies or feed him, you would know if his nappies need changing or if he is hungry. You will not be figuring out what is wrong with him since you know what’s going on with your baby.

You will know the difference between all his types of cry. He will not be used to “I’m crying so pick me up” because you will be taught to allow him to cry for a certain period of time to determine which types of cry need immediate attention.

Even his milk will always be fresh as you will teach him to finish what’s in the bottle every feeding time.

So there you go, It’s up to you Mommies if you want to give this a shot but this book has sure helped me a lot.

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