COOKING LESSONS (Beth Romualdez)

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Looking at Tita Beth’s and Via’s posts made me salivate to the point of asking Tita Beth to invite me and cook for me. So, yes, Next day I grabbed my Patty Ang Cape Blazer to make sure I was dressed presentably for a lunch date with THE Beth Romualdez.

She prepared (very easy to make) Watercress and Fern salad with Dayap Vinaigrette and Baked Halibut.  Perfect for those on a diet and still want to eat delicious food and not those that taste like cardboard.  Since she had the same dish the previous day, she cooked for herself  something else, Grilled Tangigue but also very tasty and easy to cook.  Prepared them for dinner one night and my boys loved them.

Here are the recipes and beautiful photos taken by @livinlavialoca.  If you want to surprise your husbands with  candlelight dinner, super perfect ito!  Do not be intimated as the ingredients are available anywhere (she goes to Farmers) and procedure very easy…



salt and pepper

lime (a thin slice)

red onion


olive oil (1 tablespoon)

wrap with parchmein paper

bake (oven toaster will do) for about 10-15 minutes


TANGIGUE (Tita Beth grilled hers, mine was Chilean Sea Bass and pan seared), yellow peppers, picked banana peppers and garlic

MY VERSION: (based on what’s available in my ref)

Chilean Sea Bass seasoned with salt and pepper, pan seared

add garlic, green pepper, bell pepper, pickles





Feta Cheese





Extra Virgin Olive Oil




You can grab copies of her cookbooks at National Bookstore.  Thinking everyday of what to serve is really tough.  Tita Beth’s recipes are all easy and very delicious!


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