Continuation: Homeschooling…tough decision?

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Lorenz, on the other hand, was the one really being considered to be homeschooled for years.  I was just really against it and did not realize the advantages until I decided to give in to Chris.  In his former school, bullies were everywhere.  His kuya would wait for his school bus to arrive to scare his bullies.  Then we took him out from the school bus.  And new bullies came.  Hiding his school shoes… the second time it happened made us go to school and write a complaint.  I cannot be buying him a pair of school shoes everytime these bullies hid them.  Lorenz was too kind and naive for his age and he was often said his kuya cannot fight his fights for him.  One more thing was, we already knew the paths our kids are taking.. so the next year, after several researches we enrolled them in Seton in West Virginia.  The school designed the modules for busy parents, teaching the kids independence and honesty.  There are parent-given tests and there are online tests.  For Music subject,  the boys went twice a week to Academy of Rock.  For Physical Education, I sent them to Club Gymnastica, their dad sent them to crossfit and trained them and played basketball with them.  These subjects are parent-graded so parents can actually tweak the lessons.  As for the more difficult subjects,  I hired a tutor.  That was the best year for us…the kids were always with us anytime, anywhere and they developed their talents in playing the instruments and dancing and singing and skills in basketball.. making them a step closer to their dreams… But of course despite the fact that they did not leave early morning for school, they were required to wake up at 9am.. Sleeping time was 10 pm during weekdays.  So much bonding time then, it was the best!

Since this year was time for Eia to experience school (she was also homeschooled with the kuyas),  a friend of mine suggested the school my kids are in now.  My friends owns a preschool and patterned their ways of teaching from this catholic school.  It’s a progressive school.  Teachers are very focused on the students and that’s what Lorenz really needs.  We are also more for character building.

Chris though has seen a great potential on Lorenz in Golf aside from having good playing hands in Basketball.. Most of the time they can be found either in the basketball court or in the driving range.  He is so eager to train Lorenz that he wants to put him back to homeschool next year to prepare him for College basketball.

Of course I would have wanted them to experience High School life the normal way, normal at least for most but it’s never too early to rush to have a better future.  Made me feel better too to know that so many kids are also homeschooled and that they’re also doing good.  I guess, you got to do what works best for you..We are realistic not idealistic..took sometime for me to accept but yes, we decide based on reality.. And our reality is we want to spend as much time as a family aside from gearing them up early for their future.

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