Homeschooling..tough decision?

My two boys used to go to traditional schools. Different schools.  I liked Ryle’s former school.  Students there are well-rounded.  There were so many events and activities involving parents.  Lorenz’s on the other hand, did not have too many events,  well, at least for the duration that my son was studying there.  There were always too many assignments and a tutor was needed on some subjects so most of the kids would go home really tired and only had a few minutes before bedtime.  We loved both schools however.  I can say it can really be also difficult to pass the entrance test but there were valid reasons why we had to put both boys to homeschool.  Ryle got a call from Star Magic.  Not everyone is given the easy way in to showbiz and he really wanted to be in it.  Of course, Chris, Ryle and I took time to weigh things, prayed so hard for the right decision.  If I were to decide, I would have wanted him to enter showbiz after graduating from High School. Chris, who played Basketball for his school, thought that the opportunity may not knock again.  That, let us say we passed on it and after his graduation in College, he could not find a job.  What do I tell my son?… Chris started talking to Ryle about earning is first million since he was 9.  Ryle was being trained in wakeboarding by Chris and a famous wakeboarding champion in Korea and later on Asia… Ryle was (and still is) very good in this sport.  But maybe his heart was not totally in it.  I admit, it was kinda disappointing and frustrating.  Spent so much money and time finding his niche.  Even most of  Lorenz’s childhood was spent in the Lago De oro to support Kuya in his training. We thought he had a bright future in this sport.  But since we knew he wanted to be something else, we decided to stop focusing on training him.  So when Showbiz knocked, Chris said that maybe this is the one for Ryle.  No matter how much we wanted him to graduate in that school, we had to make a really tough decision: putting him to HOMESCHOOL.  He taped twice a week and sometimes came home next morning late for school.  So the chances of being present was really small.  Some said, “kabago bago pa lang nag homeschool na, kala mo sikat.  Bakit naman si…. naka enroll pa rin, e sikat na”… Well, every school is different.  Instead of getting expelled, might as well end it well and move on. Though during his last year there, the teachers and classmates were all supportive of him and gathered assignments for him, assigned a classmate to help him.  It’s just that his schedule got more difficult to manage.


to be continued…

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