Workout time with Trainer Eia

So Eia went inside our room in her workout outfit and pressured me to exercise with her.  I asked if she was serious and replied with, yes Mom I am serious! She had with her  paper and pen containing her list of exercises she wanted to do today. She still remembers the routine we used to do together months ago.  So though I planned to be lazy on a Monday (since Cafe Lima is closed on Mondays), I got up and changed and invited the house staff to join us.

Yes, you cannot actually escape working out cause as we always say, “pag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw may dahilan”.  What’s 15 minutes of your 24 hours to devote to working out everyday or even thrice a week?  And Eia is just 4, I want to be able to keep up!

So here are a few of the exercises we do.  I will dig into my files and share with you the workout I paid for online, which you can do anytime at home.  No need for a gym! And yes, you can ask your kids to join you too.. We used to workout together—all of us. But the boys now have different program so it’s now just me and Eia and yes, the ates!

By the way,  Thanks to @BeAmazing for our workout leggings

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