Nothing beats Classic songs! The Jets, Making It Real!

Only 80’s babies can understand.  The Jets! They were here! I made sure not to miss their concert.  Thank you to my friend Badang and my sister Chie but most of all to my ever loving husband who only knew 2 songs and recognized the group only on the 6th song, for accompanying me.

I have mentioned in my previous blogs how I love watching concerts.  Besides the fact that I am a frustrated singer, concerts take me to a different world.  A short escape from a stressful work.

I loved my seat, 3rd row, center.  I remember falling in line and waiting for 2 hours for those tickets.  But it was worth it.  I cannot wait to share the videos with my sons.  Classic songs are just hard to beat. Posting even my video with my sister whom I had so much fun with.  Made me miss the other two.

So I wont make this long.  Enjoy the videos as much as I enjoyed listening live to these beautiful songs.  They turned the venue into one happy place.  Everyone was just enjoying.  Singing and dancing on their own.  It was like one big family reunion or reunion of friends. unnamed (1)P.S.  A big shout out to my best half, Chris.  thank you so much Hon for always taking me to concerts– concerts you love, and concerts you dont… I love you! ( Our son, Pao uploaded their convo on his IG.  I totally agree on what he said and truly appreciate it. One of the reasons why I love my husband)

SORRY GUYS, we were singing our hearts out! (rinig na rinig pala ) Super fan mode!


Next Stop: Regine At The Theater, Rick AStley (dreaming to see Kuya Dick there to sing with him) and Sarah G.

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