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Since Eia was 3, she already expressed interest in cooking and baking. I felt the need to put my whole heart into it since almost everyday she would ask me to come down to the kitchen with her to bake or would always offer help when she sees me cooking. During the early times that she was getting interested in it, she would always offer help when she sees me busy in the kitchen. I admit there were times I got so impatient and angry because instead of being able to cook fast, you will see the kitchen so messy because she could not do things right. Then one day I realized, she is still very young. For me, or most moms who are always busy, of course, we always want to get things done right away and maybe most of the time we refuse to get help from these little hands cause we think, “magkakalat na naman sila”. But then again, Eia is still young, she is our baby, and for her, she finds so much joy being in the kitchen trying to help me. Because for her, she is doing her best. For her, she is doing things right. And it struck me when one day she said, “I like helping you mom!” From then on, I became more patient with her. I want to see that “kilig” smile on her face whenever we do things together..

So I found this MOM AND ME cooking class. We woke up early one Saturday, put on our almost matching clothes, carried our matching bags and brought with us her Lalaloopsy apron from Tita Mimi Lazaro (@mimiflaz) . There I made her do almost everything. I was her assistant that time. We baked chocolate chip cookies, moist brownies, red velvet bite size cupcakes, cooked chicken fingers and pasta carbonara (recipe available upon request). They were all delicious! We made sure to bring some for the boys to taste. I could not forget how happy she was that day. I too was so happy to be making good memories with my little one.

I see her becoming a chef someday. That’s her daddy’s dream for her too. But whatever she wants to be when she grows up, she will find me and daddy as well as her kuyas supporting her all the way.

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  1. LumiereJade says:

    I also like watchibg either my dad or aunt cook. It was so fun, and those times were also our bonding. I’m really glad that I learn anything just by watching them, and helping them 🙂

  2. Cess says:

    I love seeing your pictures on my instagram =)
    Eia is such a cutie baby (^_^) Been following her since she was 1 =) And now she’s a little lady na, She really looks like you na po haha. So pretty and smart.

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