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When you are 40 and you feel like you’ve been stuck at 26, you may not want to think you are going through midlife crisis because you suddenly want to attend an Event Styling class or do Calligraphy classes but just associate it on being and feeling young.

I am Sherilyn Reyes Tan, my friends call me Shey. Close friends in showbiz call me Mama Shey. A happy and spoiled wife to a former PBA player, Chris Tan and a doting mother to Paolo, 17, Lorenz, 13 and my one and only Little Queen Eia, who turned 4 last July.

Let’s talk about my daughter 🙂 My one and only daughter who changed my views about only wanting to have sons. It was her birthday few months ago. It was a simple celebration yet It was so much fun because the kids really enjoyed the stuff I had made for them. Now part of the celebration in the school was the honoring THE CELEBRANT. Each one in the classroom said something nice about my daughter Eia. All her classmates said they liked her because she always shared her toys. Her Teacher thanked her for giving her a chance to build a good relationship as Eia, on the first day of school, was crying loudly and didn’t like her teacher. Three days after she was already the best teacher in the world. Of course the whole family was present.

Lorenz goes to the same school and joined us during recess. He honored Eia for loving him and playing with him and sometimes obeying him 🙂 while Paolo said Eia helps him discipline Kuya Lo 🙂 Dad’s message was short and sweet: You completed the family. Eia called me last. I was breaking into tears as I carried her, kissed her and there are days when I am not really good with words but that moment I had so many things to say to her and about her. My Eia, she made me want to become a better person, a better mother. She added LIFE to our family.

We were so happy then without her and we never imagined we could even be more happier having her in our family. At 3, she started expressing interest on baking. I can cook, in fact the rare times I cooked years back, my husband and kids always loved the food and encouraged me to go to a cooking school to maybe develop a passion for it but since Eia came into my life, I can go on everyday without having a cook in the house. She is my Bessy, we really are each other’s bestfriends– we love dressing up, most of the time matching clothes (Thank you Twilo), putting on make up, reading books, singing, dancing more especially, sleeping together, doing almost everything together..I love it when she says MOM I LOVE THAT WE’RE ALWAYS TOGETHER..MOM WE’LL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER HA?…Got used to taking care of boys, I did not know how to take care of a girl. Thank God He still gave her to us–the cherry on top, the icing on the cake.. my Eia!

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  1. LumiereJade says:

    Hi Mama Shey! (Can I also call you that? Lol) I’m so glad that you decided to make a blog! Oh my gosh, I’ll always read your blog, I swear! I’m really looking forward on your blog 🙂 The way your family bonds is amazing. And I hope that you will share those memories with this blog.

    Bunch of love. Jade ❤️ lumierejade.blogspot.com

  2. Dorothy says:

    Hi Ms. Shey! Im your follower in Instagram tungod kay Eia. I love your family, and I always look forward to your posts. Unta maka-visit ko sa Cafe Lima pag anha nako sa Manila puhon, nia ko sa probinsya man gud. God bless us!

  3. Sherilyn Reyes-Tan says:

    eeeeeee! Can I just say, I’m kinikilig?! thank you so much guys! you are so kind to me. I hope also hindi kayo maumay cos I have so much to share about my family 🙂 Now that I have the avenue for my kadaldalan… I also look forward to learning from you guys.. Thank you for inspiring me more

  4. Ja says:

    Hello Ms. Shey!

    Welcome to the virtual world para sa mga tulad nating madaldal and not madamot to share about our life! Hahaha! 🙂 Excited for your future posts especially kitchen posts! God bless!

    Ja (www.jcfrente.blogspot.com)

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