RyleBie for Folded and Hung

img_1832 img_1847img_9599img_1851It was Folded and Hung’s CEO Ronald V. Pineda’s birthday when we introduced Barbie imperial to him.  He immediately fell in love with “RyleBie” and as an always and forever supportive Tito to Ryle, he made immediate plans to launch the “loveteam”.

Few weeks after, the video and photo shoot were scheduled same day for the holiday campaign which Arvie Dizon, the very genius Marketing Head of Folded and Hung called #FoundmyotherHalf.  The fashion show followed days after.  It was held at the Marquee Tent in Edsa Shang.  Rylesters and Rylebie fans were present and confessed they hard a hard time containing their excitement as they were advised not to make any noise otherwise they will be sent out.

One Mega Group’s EVP Mr. Archie Carrasco’s all out support is also very overwhelming.  RyleBie got featured in Inside Showbiz when they won the poll on “Which Love team do you want featured next?”. Inside Showbiz’s Editor Nic Magquilat gave them a 26 page feature.

The first ever Store visit of the love team happened on November 20 in Cebu and effortlessly they filled up the mall show with fans who continuously requested and begged Arvie to fly them to Cebu real soon.

Ryle and Barbie gamely sang for their fans.  The chemistry is so real on RyleBie and not to point out the obvious but they consider each other the closest to each other’s hearts apart from family, which Barbie proudly announced upon introduction of Ryle for his solo performance.

It was a successful day for Folded and Hung and for RyleBie considering ABS-CBN has not made them official.  The fans are looking forward to seeing more of them together and Folded and Hung has a long list of plans for the two.

To the ever loving and active fans of Ryle and Barbie and RyleBie, thank you for making them trend always. Trust that they appreciate everything you do to show them your love…but Let me ask you, WHY DO YOU LOVE RYLEBIE? 🙂

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Mad about Mud Pie

image        image

A really delicious and very rich dessert everyone will love 💙!!!! I only prepare this mud pie once a year for obvious reason. Very easy to prepare which also can be a good addition to a restaurant’s dessert menu. My sister Sheila shared this recipe with me years back.


Half gallon chocolate chip ice cream, vanilla or double dutch– your choice

your favorite chocolate bar

chocolate cookies

chocolate syrup

almond nuts



leave the ice cream in a room temperature for hours or overnight (depends on how frozen it is). We dont want it totally melted but just creamy so we can easily spread it on the tray.

pound the chocolate cookies (you may use mortar and pestle). This will be your base. Your first layer. Other use butter to make it sticky

Pour the creamy melted ice cream and spread evenly over the cookie crumbs. If you opt to use Vanilla ice cream, pour half then sprinkle chocolate chips before pouring the rest.

For your toppings, sprinkle more chocolate chips, nuts and choco syrup.

Keep frozen for hours or overnight


Home is LOVE

imageimage image
Onething we wives and mommies want is to make our home our husbands and kids would love coming home to.. Aside from making good food always available whenever their tummies growl, we want them to consider every spot of the house their favorite. I don’t know with you but scents take me to a different world.  Whenever Chris comes home, seeing him park his car thru the CCTV monitor, I spray my favorite scent so the room smells fresh when he gets in.    To the point of me having my favorite perfume copied into linen and room sprays.

My go to scent lately has been Mia Maisons’ green tea in a diffuser. Cotton wood scent welcomes you into our living room and you will love to enjoy the ocean breeze fragrance in the powder room.  Truly elevating home experience.  These fragrances take you to different destinations even when you are just at home.

I am excited about the Sitting Bull I ordered from Boogi ( 3/f LRI Bldg).  I am pretty sure my kids will beat each other to it.  It can sit two adults and I think the three of them will fit.  Just like the Plop which was a gift to me and I never had the chance to use because Ryle claimed ownership at once upon receipt.

I love making our home my kids and hubby love coming home to.  I’m blessed that my kids also love staying home while all other their age look forward to stepping out and being with friends.  The best thing about home though is the love that is always in the air, the arms that welcome you home, the lips that tell you I missed you while you were away, the endless convos whether silly or serious, words of affirmation.. whether you are having a great day or not, the love of a family will always be there…

Why Landers is SUPER

Grocery shopping is one of the mommy duties I love the most (well, there is no mommy duty that i don’t love anyway).  For my kids, it’s like going to a kiddie playground.  However, I am very picky as to where I do it because I get dizzy in very very big stores.  There are also big stores where some of my essentials are not being offered.  Today I got to check out LANDERS SUPERSTORE store on their dry run.  You won’t miss it on Balintawak, It’s a huge! Coming in, there is a Caltex gas station where they offer price 2.00 cheaper than others.  That alone is already a good treat to clients.

What makes LANDERS SUPERSTORE super?  Aside from their own gas station with a cheaper price., everything you need is there!  You won’t have to jump from one store to another to buy what you need. From appliances, to furniture, to workout equipment, clothes, everything your home needs, vegetables, fruits, meat :fresh and frozen, freshly baked cookies and bread, bread for people with diabetes, all kinds of food, with a wide array of products, even the drinks we can only find in Subic are already just a 30 minute drive from our home.  My kids are so happy.  Another thing we cannot not do when in landers is EAT at Landers Central where the food is oh so yummy.  Yes they have whole wheat pizza, roasted chicken and the fried chicken has become Eia’s favorite.

Let the photos speak.. image image  image image image image image image

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Hosting a party at home can be so much fun.  It is also a way of showing a loved one that he or she is important. Aside from not spending too much (well, it’s relative), you can  wake up your creative bone and make the party more meaningful because of your personal touch.

I have attended several  eventstyling and floral design classes of BADANG RUEDA.  I find conceptualizing a bit of a challenge and oftentimes I struggle thinking of ways on how I can be extra creative in coming up with a theme more so in the usage of elements.

Okay, since I have mentioned the THEME, that’s the first you have to decide on when planning a party.  Theme may be the celebrant’s favorite color or hobby or sport or interest.   You may actually google for pegs instead of making a moodboard.. Check what you have at home that you can use as decorations or table centerpiece that can relate to your theme.  DIY decors are also available on the internet. You just really have to be creative and think of how you can use a thing aside from it’s usual purpose like for example, a picture frame that can turn into a serving tray.  Non-floral decorations can make you save a lot too especially when the ones you need are available at home.  Example, yarns and threads for your Mom or Grandmom’s birthday or your son’s favorite toys or your sister’s favorite fruit.  You just have to make your creative mind work.

I was fortunate to have been invited to School of Styling’s Hosting a party or event at home workshop earlier.  I got the chance to work with a group for a short period of time.  Our task was to style the table and the wall..  Given only 20 minutes, we all decided to make it a dessert buffet, theme, RUSTIC.  If I were made to decide, I would have made it a dinner table for six.  Given the elements and all the other beautiful things you can mix and match and put together to come up with a beautiful dinner set up,  the gorgeous set up Badang created for me on my birthday dinner was what came into my mind but I had to consider what the others wanted.  It is very important to know what consist a theme.  You have to know what flowers to use for different themes like I dont think a gerbera fits a rustic theme.  I think it’s more for Shabby Chic. I understand how pretty that flower is but instead of contributing beauty to the whole set up, it may actually ruin it.  I allowed my groupmates to set up the table and I thought of making a wall banner out of baby’s breath.

To add a more personal touch to the set up, you may actually handwrite the labels, but printing them is also nice.

If you have time, you may check the ones I made for my husband Chris and for Pauleen Luna’s bridal shower.  If you think styling a party is hard, it’s actually not.  You just have to put your heart and mind to it and enjoy every minute of it.  And you will give yourself a pat aside from the praises you will get from the people who will appreciate your labor of love 🙂

(thank you @twiloph for our matchy matchy outfits and @anyasabrinaph for our shoes )

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Igniting Kid’s Passion






I have mentioned many times over Eia’s love for cooking and baking.  A mom came up to me to ask if I offer any workshop or class for kids in Cafe Lima, aside from painting and calligraphy.  I came up with the idea of Eia holding her own class.  I posted the workshop on my IG for quite some time and never really had anybody inquiring about it until 2 days before schedule, just when I decided to cancel the workshop and plan a family thing since it was a Saturday.

Unexpectedly, we had 10 students.  We had the generous support of GLAD and MAYA and I was so happy that the kids had so much fun, as well as the moms who bonded with them. Kuya Lo was there to assist Chef Eia too.

Eia taught her students how to make the easy cheesy Maya pancakes.  Eia’s favorite breakfast and merienda which she cooks most of the time for us.  Bite size pizzas, Our favorite choco chip cookies and Grilled egg and cheese sandwich.  The kids were given play money and Eco bags and ingredients of every recipe had to be bought from the mock up grocery.  Instilling discipline by following directions and teaching them Math as well while having fun and learning how to cook. That was what the Bake with Eia workshop was all about  and I must say my 4 year old did a really pretty good job in sharing her passion with her new friends.

Serving better FOOD to your children

heinz4Kat, also known as Trina Zuniga during her Click days (GMA                                                                                     youth oriented show)

heinz3with other Mommy bloggers

heinz1Now already mommies, Champagne Morales and Trina Zuniga

heinzMy baby love was tired from taping so I did not bring her to the workshop,                                                             instead, i made her this pasalubong 🙂


One of the greatest challenges of moms is how to make their children eat.  Kids tend to stick to their favorite Viand or snack and do not mind having the same food everyday.  However, our worry is how to make sure they get the proper nutrients also from the food they eat.  I attended  BENTO by KAT workshop hosted by Heinz and a few ways to excite your children with their food or baon was introduced.  Though it was not my first time to join a bento workshop, first was when I was also invited with Eia and we learned to make a cow and second was done in Cafe Lima where we were taught to make a monkey, I really had a fun time learning to make a new character.  Some moms were teasing me as I came prepared and all geared up 🙂 I brought some of Eia’s bento stuff like cutters etc.  Using the fruits and veggies as design too to add more colors to the food presentation and making it more appealing to the kids same way, serving better food.  Learning something new is always time well-spent.

For mommies who want to attend bento workshops, you may text 09189080810 for schedule in Cafe Lima.  What a fun way to bond with your kids at the same time learn new things!

MONEY, what do you do with it?

SB1 While the Mommies and Daddies were all eyes and ears on the speaker, the little ones were also busy at their arts and crafts corner

SB2Here, taking an oath that I shall be a parent with high FQ and will design my parenting and life conducive to High FQ! SO HELP ME GOD!


I  was fortunate to have been invited to hear the inspirational and very educational talk of Miss Rose Fres Fausto, the First Filipino Behavioral Economist.  I felt that it was timely as I have come to a major realization lately about handling finances and teaching our kids more about saving and managing money wisely.  Honestly, I have not really been good with money.  Growing up, I was not fortunate enough to get everything I wanted.  If something was trending, I was always the last one to own it because of the price decrease since the hype has subsided.  Since I started earning, the tendency was to buy everything I could and my justification was always, I did not have that when I was a kid.  And when I became a parent, you have that thinking ” you cannot deprive your children because you have experienced not getting what you wanted”.. Though with the kids, our strategy was, if you deserve it, then you will get it.  Having a husband who loves spoiling me and the kids, he is on the same boat with me as to saving up and all for the future and planning trips and stop already being spontaneous.

However, another honest thing I will say is having heard for the first time, FQ: Financial Intelligence Quotient.  For me, it means having the “strength” to say NO to things you really do not need.  I can say, people have different views on what to do with their money.  Some want to save and enjoy the money upon retirement.  Others, live by the day.  They enjoy their money and live each day as if it’s their last. Some just save and if they are fortunate enough to live long to enjoy their savings, well and good, if not, then more for their children.

I learned the three LAWS OF MONEY which I want to share with you:  1. Pay yourself first.  Income-Savings= Expenses rather than, Income-Expenses= Savings.  2. Get only into a business you understand.  Seek advise only from competent people.  3. Make your gold work for you.  Make an army of golden slaves before you buy luxury.

The most important thing I learned was CHANGING YOUR OWN MIND SET.  If you used to say, I never had this before or I was deprived growing up, now I try to always say, Do I need it? I want it but do I really want it? I like so many things, well who does not?  Saying no to something I think I can afford was always a struggle.  But now, now that I already know myself,  having this attitude like ” takaw tingin” but on things and once I have it, it’s like really no big deal and that I do not get attached to my material stuff probably because it is also my business and I cannot say no to a client who wants to buy what I personally have, I can say that I can finally think about buying something few times over.  If I think I can resell, then I buy it.  If only to keep, then I don’t.  I am on a rehab.  This way too, no self-pity for not thinking of depriving myself especially of things I know I will appreciate only for a little while.

When my kids were younger, monetary gifts were used to buy their clothes, shoes or toys.  But years back, I started opening a bank account for each and every monetary blessing goes to their account, regardless of how small the amount is.  Security Bank encourages kids to be smart servers. Start as early as you can on opening a savings account for your children. Now that Ryle is working, most of his money go to his savings account.  The account that is not allowed to be touched any day except for Christmas, when he gets money to buy  gifts  for some important people in the workplace (within a budget).  They also have piggy banks they open every Christmas time, either to buy toys or put in the bank.  Ryle also has his responsibilities so he understands more the value of his hard earned money.  The younger ones on the other hand learn everytime we get an opportunity to inject THE VALUE OF SAVING AND BEING FRUGAL in a particular situation.

It is best and good to save but I think we should also get to enjoy our money.  Life is full of surprises and it’s good to reward yourself or your children sometimes with something you and they deserve.  Does not have to be really pricey. But I believe a reward is good sometimes.  I asked Miss Fausto, what if you die early and never got to enjoy your money?  People have different views like I mentioned earlier– so she said, then more for your children.. or if you get to be given a long life then you get to enjoy everything when you retire.. Chris and I say, responsible making, managing and saving money is best! I am a work in progress 🙂


My “Mother’s Day”


md3 md4

md5 md6

Mother’s day, as my kids get older, gets to a deeper level..  My boys surprised me 9at 12MN) with a bouquet of red roses, our favorite chips, a DVD of one of our go to Pinoy movies and a jar full of notes each.  From serenading me with the song they learned to melting my heart and giving me endless tears while reading their heartwarming love notes.  They moved their beds to our room and the night ended at about 3 am.. we watched one of our favorite Filipino movies.  The day did not go as planned since we all woke up late and we just decided to prepare a good lunch and rest until it was time for mass and dinner.  It is always the best day when we are complete.  Pao (Ryle) works everyday and only his Sundays are most of the time his day off.  Before it used to matter where we went, what we did…now, it’s as simple as long as we are complete. Chris that night reminded us of our priority, our family.  To make sure no matter how busy everyone gets, regardless of the kids’ age, that family will always be the priority.

The day prior however, I was so lucky to be chosen as one of the moms CELEBRITY MOM gave honor to.  Dressed in an Ivory dress by Patty Ang, wearing a pair of Anya Sabrina doll shoes, matching with my little girl, I got to meet new friends.  Brought Eia along with me so she can play with Solana who came along with her beautiful mom, the Editor-In-Chief of Celebrity Mom, my ate Maricel Pangilinan.  Unknown to us, the rest of the family were coming too to surprise every mom there.  Unfortunately Chris got confused and thought since I brought Eia along already, I would not need them there anymore since he did not know what was really going to happen.  Anyhow, I had a great time and appreciated so much for making me part of this wonderful celebration at Le Jardin (food was really great by the way, I ordered take out for my boys) and felt like a kid when they started giving out the gifts from their partners.  Happy that Eia was busy playing she did not see the make up otherwise she would have kept them now in her bedroom.

Every dad and kid were asked WHAT WOULD THE COUNTRY BE IF MOM WERE PRESIDENT.  I got to ask Chris and the boys since I got curious with their answers.  Still, I decided to share with you their funny answers though embarrassing for me (hahahaha)…

CHRIS:  The Philippines will be a totally chaotic country as I will allow everyone to be corrupt out of pity

PAOLO: 100% Crime rate, 0% inmate as I will justify everyone’s wrong doing by giving a good (and positive) reason why one has committed such act

LORENZ:  Everyone will be polite as I always say There is always a nice way to say things

I am confused if these are good or not hahahaha but then I found their answers funny.. After hearing their answers though, I again was reminded that it is not good to be good all the time. It’s good to be kind but as Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio said, there is wisdom in Proverbs..

I am blessed to be called MOM, I am blessed to be given this kind of a loving family.  A husband who is our pillar of strength,  someone who values family more than anything else, kids who are so loving and obedient.  I thank God everyday for my life.

And…angels at home who we consider family…special thanks to you for my favorite chocolate cake 🙂

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IG friends often ask what I use for my eyebrows, cheeks, the shade and brand of lipstick I use etcetera etcetera.. So I decided to share with you guys all my favourite  make up stuff…I do not like my face feeling or looking heavy so I make sure the ones i put on my face will be perfect throughout the day, no need for retouch.

  1. Eyebrows 

Now that my eyebrows have been beautified by Pretty Looks, I only use Benefit gimmeBrow.. Before I used K-palette Lasting 2way Eyebrow or Mac brunette Eyebrow Duo, or Benefit Brow zings

2.   Cheeks

My all-time favourite tint is Benefit Posie Tint.  Though now I have a few other choices depending on my mood or where I am going.  Lately I have been using Kye for Shu Eumura in Hibiscus pink (packaging also too cute and appealing) when you want that dewey look.  Mac Sunny Surprise also a nice shade and Benefit Real Cheeky Party which I wear ONLY when I need to be fully made up.

4.  Face

I only use Mac NC 40 studio fix as my powder, no concealer for my everyday no make up look.  Sometimes i use Lightscapade mineral finish to achieve the fresh, dewey look which i love on “Pinang”, Erich”s character on Be My Lady.  For cleansing, I have a few choices: Mac Cleanse Off oil, Shu Eumura ultim8 sublime beauty cleansing oil, Kye for Shu Eumura POREfinist anti-shine cleansing oil or Shu Eumura Cleansing Balm

5. Lips

You may notice I rarely wear lipstick because Chris would not kiss me if I always had lipstick on.  So, I usually just use benefit Posie Tint but my favourite on my lips are the following:  Benefit Posie Tint lipstick, Mac Jubilee, Christian Louboutin has a natural shade of lipstick that I like, unfortunately I do not know the shade and it was just a gift from a sister from another mother.  Pili lip balm in cherry shade and other shades I also love as it is non-drying. 

Less is more especially now that it’s summertime, you just want that natural and fresh look.  That way too, you do not damage your skin.  Always make sure your face and neck are clean before you hit the sack.  A good moisturizer or night cream is a big help especially when you are in your 40’s when your skin gets drier. You may apply sunblock on your face but I suggest let it dry first before putting on your powder so your face does not feel hot.